Genealogical Data Input Training Course

County Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Society are sponsors of a SOLAS LTI Training Course in Genealogical Data Input held at a Training Centre at St. Brigids Place, Mailcoach Road, Sligo.

The Society decided that each new group of trainees on the CSHGS sponsored SOLAS Genealogical Data Input Training Course should be given the opportunity to participate in a Genealogy Information Training Session as part of their course.

It was agreed this measure could prove beneficial to the trainees as they would gain a better understanding of how their work on the Training Project positively contributes to preserving the valuable Heritage of County Sligo, while making it more accessible to the local community. It also would make them more aware of potential employment opportunities within the Roots Tourism / Heritage sector.

Following each occasion, feedback from the groups was very positive and encouraging with many expressing an interest in the subject matter, while others enquired about employment opportunities in County Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Centre.