Michael A Hargadon Commemoration, celebrating his life and works

Posted on: September 7, 2018

6th – 26th August 2018

The Michael A Hargadon Commemoration took place in Sligo from the 6th to 26th August.  This event commemorated the life and work of Calry  native, Journalist Michael A. Hargadon.  The event was organised by Calry Local History Society.


Over the event of the 10 days, several events were organised including the official opening of Michael A Hargadon road, the unveiling of a historic plaque at Michael’s birthplace, daily poetry readings at Hargadon’s pub and an exhibition in Sligo City Hall chronicling  his early days, his childhood in Calry, emigration to Canada and his work as a Journalist, Athlete, Author and Poet.  The Hargadon’s also had the opportunity to undertake genealogical research.


Well done to the Calry Local History Society for organising this interesting event. For further information on Michael A Hargadon see www.michaelhargadon.com or www.memoryofcalry.com