Friends of Co. Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Society

The following is a list of “Friends of County Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society”. We are very grateful for their contribution and support.

  • Maureen Bruen, England.
  • Charles Davey, USA.
  • Jack Dyer, USA.
  • Leslie Nicholson, England.
  • Robert E. Sweeney, USA.
  • Michael Abley, USA.
  • Lois Trani, USA.
  • Charles Gurey, USA.
  • Cecilia K. Eppink, USA.
  • Ellen M. Alves, USA.
  • Mark D. Hanigan, USA.
  • James Healy, USA.
  • Jim Sweeney, England.
  • Stanford Peterson, USA.
  • Maureen Wlodarczyk, USA.
  • Marjorie Powell, USA.
  • Marian Dooney, USA.
  • Jeffrey Wilson, USA.
  • Steven Lemken, USA.
  • Donald McLane, USA.
  • Carl West, Kentucky, USA.
  • Laurence T. May, Ireland.
  • George Handran, USA.
  • Mary Ann Lubinsky, USA.
  • Margaret Golden-Vishnevsky, USA.
  • Roger Durham, USA.
  • Ken McCallum, Australia.
  • Paul B. Baker, USA.
  • David Paul, USA.
  • Nancy Menton – Lyons, USA.
  • James Hanks, USA.
  • Evelyn Empson, England.
  • Thomas Quinn, USA.
  • Vicky Newman, England.
  • Mylle J. West, England.
  • Paul K. Ryan, USA.
  • Judy Bernetzke, USA.
  • Tony Robinson, Australia.
  • Edward R. Byrne, USA.
  • Trevor Pugh, England.
  • Joan Brazelton, USA.
  • Eric Kavanagh, Quebec, Canada.

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